Miami's 21st century genre-bending chamber orchestra, Nu Deco Ensemble, presents unfiltered conversations with dynamic and award-winning musical artists, trailblazing composers, and forward-thinking industry leaders and CEO's. Hosted by Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Jacomo Bairos, these conversations dive deep into the lives and works of these exceptional artists and leaders, peeling back the mysterious curtain of creativity and inspiration, while exploring life wisdom gleaned from their stories and prolific careers.


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  • Today we speak with genuis composer and pianist Aaron Parks, whose music is rich, sophisticated, profound, and wide ranging. An incredibly philosophical and thoughtful human who drops so much wisdom, musings on life, and guidance on how we can maneuver through this chaotic world, his rich and learned background draws musical inspiration from Greek Mythology all the way to Thelonious Monk. We dive deep (even getting a little musically nerdy!) into our past collaboration and our upcoming EP release that was taken from our live performances in May of 2019. We will share previews of these yet-to-be-released tracks from the EP right here on the podcast, which present Aaron's music in 'full technicolor!' We talk about how he is always looking for something, but also trying to simply see what is right there. We also discuss how limitations and confines are ways to spur creativity, and that imperfect symmetry can lead to new ideas or bring new life to original ideas.

  • Today we sit down with Afro-Cuban funk artist Cimafunk and there is simply no way not to be delighted and inspired from his infectious energy, joy, for life, and love of family. Form listening and making music based off the sounds of Coke cans bouncing down the streets in his rural hometown, to traveling to Havana and working as a gardener and mechanic just so he could listen to live music at night, Cimafunk has exploded onto the world's musical scene as a new voice in the continued tradition of genius artists from the amazingly musical and fertile island of Cuba. From burning out his uncle's car battery secretly listening to Michael Jackson tapes, a short stint in medical school, and ultimately joining backup choruses of top Cuban artists just to he could learn how to be a band leader, Cimafunk has defied all expectations. In 2019 he became a bonafide international rising star (Billboard's Top 10 Latin Artists to watch in 2019), who is often referred to as the James Brown of Cuba. However, as you will hear, he is so much more! Coming from a loving, proud, and intellectually stimulating family environment and knowing his roots, he understands musical traditions of bygone eras and creates, through his voice, body and uniquely infectious personality, a fresh new sound. Cimafunk is someone that I hope will inspire you as much as he inspired us all here in Miami! We hope you enjoy the effervescent and loving human that is also one of the greatest showmen and entertainers I personally have had the pleasure to collaborate with. The one and only, Cimafunk.

  • Welcome to our very first Episode of Nu Deco Unfiltered! We are so excited to bring you these in-depth conversations, and our  first podcast is with the one and only, Sam Hyken. Defined  throughout his life by curiosity, creativity, and a little attitude, Sam Hyken has become a musical force, collaborating with the world's biggest artists on some of the world’s grandest stages. Not only is he CEO of Nu Deco Ensemble, he is also Artistic Director, Co-founder, and the main composer, arranger, and producer of Nu Deco’s diverse musical and media content. He also happens to be my best friend and musical partner, on this incredible journey we share.  Today we peel the curtain back on his busy and  prolific output and discover how he transformed from world-class, Juilliard-graduate trumpeter, working with orchestras and legendary maestros around the world, to collaborating and writing for contemporary artists such as Pit Bull, Jacob Collier, and Bad Bunny, to name just a few. We explore his incredible  journey from musician to CEO, the HOW and WHY Nu Deco came to be, the relationship we developed that started 17 years ago, and do a deep dive musically to go behind the arrangement on our latest EP “Humans vs. Robots,” a symphonic  tribute to Daft Punk.  We hope you enjoy this new endeavor, and we are excited to finally share the origin story of Nu Deco and be inspired by Sam Hyken's  unrelenting devotion to creating an orchestra for the future that is relevant and speaks to society today.